Sunday, August 11, 2013


Today was considerably slower than yesterday though I left the hotel at noon.  One sale on the day,  A waterman fluted GF overlay safety pen.  I had breakfast with the "remarkable". George Rimakis.  


The number of people that walked through the door must have been near 1000.  Most seem intent on low priced items but were very busy going from table-to-table.  My day concluded with a phons call that resulted in a very nice sale and, when added to my other sales for the day, resulted in a successful Saturday.  My Sunday setup should be short lived.  But, we"ll see.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

DC pen show

Friday was a super active day at the DC Supersow.  FPH had a parts blow out and Howard Edelstein had several bins marked $25, $50 etc. and many good pens were found.  I missed both events as I was too busy selling.  Both on Thursday and Friday.  I  have two very interested buyers in a VERY rare Parker 39.  Michael Sameth, the son of the late Paul Sameth, brought some of his dad's great desk sets to get them new homes. I could not resist and purchased more than I should. More on today' activities later.  I had a great dinner at the Olive Garden with endless salad.  No better dinner companions could be found to accompany me.  Luiz, Alvaro and George provided laughs and conversation.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Limited editions

Oscar 3 piece set
Voltaire 3 piece set
Dumas 3  piece set
Louis XIV
Alexander the Great
Hemingway BP
Ramses BP
Nikolai B P
Oscar B P
Carbon B P
Bernstein B P
Solitaire 75 Years B P & R B set 
Michel Perchin Gold and blue stripe
Aurora Sole R B and B P
Aurora Sterling Theater...and more!

Large purchase of Montblanc LEs

I am going to purchase a large group of MB.  LE pens to include Agathas, Hemingway, Voltaire, King Louis and moe...Stay tuned for more info.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday continued

I left the around 3p.m.. About100 people attended today vs. 300+ on Saturday. still a fine turnout for the organizers Terry and Mike

LI pen show update

I just sold a Torelli vac imperial 51, Also sold a desk set by D'avegne for Eversharp. It is a glass pelican.